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PC Power Speed (October 15, 2013)

PC Power Speed is the best at cleaning up your files, hence speeding up your computer. Mine is working much better since I started using them!

Daniel B. (Bellevue, KY)

PC Power Speed (October 15, 2013)

I selected PC Power Speed in order to improve the way I used to do things and save money and time. I recommend PC Power Speed to others.

Gerald S. (Gatineau, QC)

PC Power Speed (October 15, 2013)

I have used PC Power Speed for awhile. It saves me time and money. I would certainly recommend this service to others.

Ed A. (Franklin, MA)

PC Power Speed (October 15, 2013)

Thank you very much! I see improvement.

Bettyjoy W. (Kalamazoo, MI)

PC Power Speed (October 15, 2013)


karen L. (boonville, MO)

PC Power Speed (October 24, 2013)

My PC is over five years old and was very slow, needing to be rebooted often. I had thought the on board maintenance on the computer was enough to handle cleaning the hard drive, etc. and I always try to delete unwanted mail and trash. Clearly, that was not enough. The PC Power Speed people had my PC working like new again in about an hour and a half. It was fascinating to watch all the hidden trash, spam, cookies and other unwanted or unneeded programs get cleaned out of there. I didn't have to pack up the equipment or take it to a repair shop and be without it for days or weeks. Everything was working well in such a short time. I had thought I would have to invest in a new computer but this will last me now for a long time. Thanks for your help!

Mary K. (Colorado Springs, CO)

PC Power Speed (October 24, 2013)

Good system!

Raymond W. (Redbluff, CA)

PC Power Speed (October 15, 2013)

I decided to go back to school and continue learning, online at the age of 60. I selected PC Power Speed to help recover from the slow performance with my laptop which caused problems many time while engaging, exploring the network, and completing classroom assignments. I purchased this program a year ago, and since then, I have felt relieved knowing my PC was under watchful protection from numerous errors that seemed to appear out of no-where on my computer. I have enjoyed this service most because technical support is always around whenever you need to make contact. I have ask others about this programs and those who have this program are well pleased and confident with the services it provides. I have recommended PC Power Speed to my adult children, and especially the ones who have also decided to pick-up learning again by attending online schooling.

Sylvia G. (Dover, DE)

PC Power Speed (October 24, 2013)

It is so good to have PC Power Speed working for me. It is quick and simple and fast.

Stephen T. (Chester, GB)

PC Power Speed (October 15, 2013)

This is great. Thanks I love it and it was easy.

Vicki G. (Seagoville, TX)


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penny S. (Whiting, NJ)

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