Increase PC Speed and Repair Registry Errors.

Diagnose and fix PC problems FAST!

  • Free up disk and memory space
  • Speed up system performance
  • Fix system errors and crashes
  • Quickly clean and repair registry
  • Improve Internet access
  • Boost start-up speed
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“I'm an older guy that keeps pushing the wrong buttons therefore messing up the speed, etc. on my computer. I connected to PC Power Speed and now I can just have my computer cleaned up with a push…”
marcus M. (washington)

“Thank you!”
Steve G. (Las Cruces)

PC Power Speed Comparison Free Version Paid Version
Scan for registry errors Yes Yes
Scan for system and Internet browser tweaks Yes Yes
Fix registry errors Yes
Apply system and Internet browser tweaks Yes
Delete junk files Yes
Fix unstable browser add-ons Yes
Postpone applications start-up Yes
Backs up and restore registry Yes

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PC Power Speed System Requirements

System Requirements

To install and use PC Power Speed you will need to meet these minimum system requirements:

  • Windows® XP 32/64-bit operating system
  • Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 32/64-bit operating system
  • 5MB of free disk space

PC Power Speed Awards

Microsoft Partner Microsoft Partner
Download3000 - Excellent Download3000 - 4 Star User Rating
Software Informer Editor's Pick Award Software Informer Editor's Pick Award

PC Power Speed Testimonials

Read what others are saying about PC Power Speed

“You are always here when I think I need you. Thanks for keeping my computer happy. When it is happy, I am happy!”
Allan M. (The Villages)

“My PC works fine!”
Joseph J. (Sarasota)

“I am very pleased with the clean up and increased speed. ”
Tracey W. (Ocean Springs)

“I selected this because I am unsure how to manage my computer efficiently. PC Power Speed gave me confidence to have my system running more efficiently. I now have a system that works. I just set a…”
penny S. (Whiting)

“I have had PC Power Speed for about a year now and when my computer starts being sluggish or freezing a lot, I just run it and it has always fixed my computer. I would recommend it to anybody. ”
Linda C. (Greer)

“I have been using PCPower now for a year and have and will continue to tell people that its a fantastic service. Very quick and easy, even a child could use it. Because I'm no wiz-kid when it comes…”
Paul S. (Kerikeri)

“PC Power Spped was quick and easy to install. Did a great job on an old system.”
Bradley M. (Lafayette)

“Thank you for the excellent service.”
Hilda S. (Nmb)

“Upon recommendation from EarthLink, I got PC Power Speed on my new Dell Laptop purchased a year ago. I thought it ran automatically until a few months ago when I asked EarthLink about it. The…”
Rosalind P. (Pine Mountain)

“Thank you, what a difference in speed! After installing PCFixspeed all my issues were resolved. I highly recommend this software for those who'd like a faster response time from there PC or Laptop.”
Jack Aw W. (New Port Richey)

“I think is a good product.”
Raul G. (Las Vegas)

“ was so easily and quick!”
Janet H. (Mt Vernon)

“I've had my PC a long time, and am often frustrated with sluggish activity. Therefore, I am very happy to finally find a process that will help me solve this problem. I am hopeful that frequent…”
penny S. (Whiting)

“Good job keeping my laptop working well!”
Alex R. (phoenix)

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By clicking the "Download Now" button above, I accept and agree to abide by the End User License Agreement and install PC Power Speed free version on all user accounts on my computer.

Why do I need this?

With everything you do on your PC, including adding on devices, a new entry is created in your Windows® registry, and seldom are any removed after they’re no longer needed. The result, your PC gets bogged down with unnecessary entries, slowing your PC speed, the start-up and your Internet browser. PC Power Speed cleans up registry entries and puts your PC back on track for optimal performance.

Here are some symptoms that may indicate your PC registry needs cleaning:
  • Your PC is slow to start-up and restart
  • Your Internet access time or web browsing is slow
  • Your PC freezes or crashes frequently
  • You experience frequent error messages
  • Your PC shows the “blue screen of death”

The simplest way to know if PC Power Speed is right for you is to run a free diagnostic scan. This easy-to-use application will identify how many errors are found and how many areas can be optimized to improve your PC performance.

SALES: Call 1-888-304-1321 (available 24/7) English only

PC Power Speed Products

PC Power Speed

Clean and repair your PC’s registry, optimize PC performance and free up disk and memory space.

PC Power Speed Backup

Automatically back up your important data and access it from anywhere, anytime.